Employment Screening and Background Checking In Action




The problem for almost any business preparing to recruit new staff is that background checks can be extremely time consuming, and not always fully reliable, yet employment regulations are today more strict than ever before. At CV Insight we have extensive international contacts and state of the art technologies to be able to carry out fast, efficient and thorough pre-employment background checks to help protect your business from the unknown.

No business today can afford to run the risk of breaching employment regulations. We can provide a tailored solution to safeguard your business and protect you against employing someone who has unverifiable qualifications or adverse employment history. We provide a range of services including identity, document and employment checks. These are essential to authenticate the information provided by potential employees during the selection and interview process. Our global knowledge also enables us to provide a range of specialist background checks to support the selection of international employees including international criminal and credit checks.

Our background checks and background screening services incorporate a number of employment checks based on reliable sources of data and corroborating information supplied such as passports and NI number checks. We can validate and verify passport authenticity very quickly, providing you with the peace mind that comes from knowing exactly who it is you are dealing with, leaving nothing to chance.


From UK directorship checks to DVLA checks and from FSA checks to anti-terrorism checks we have the experience, expertise, data sources and contacts to be able to provide the most thorough background screening services possible, which is why CV Insight is one of the market leaders in pre-employment screening services.

One of the many reasons CV Insight has been the supplier of choice for UK and International businesses when it comes to employment background checks and background screening is because we offer a completely tailored and flexible range of solutions. This enables both SME's and large corporations the opportunity to fully comply with all current employment regulations as well as safeguarding their businesses from potential problems in the future, and greatly reducing cost associated with the recruitment process.


Our clients come from a broad spectrum of industries ranging from the financial sector, security industry, public sector, retail, leisure, legal and aviation industries. CV Insight has already helped thousands of businesses complete their recruitment process securely and with complete confidence in the validity of the candidates and the reliability of their CVs.

We can help you focus purely on the recruitment process rather than on the pre-employment background checks which can be so time consuming, costly and unreliable when carried out by businesses themselves. Our expertise and experience ensures you can trust us to provide a professional solution to all your needs including employment history and reference verification, education and qualification confirmation and identify checks. This will ensure you make your final decision with confidence.

By informing potential applicants that your company or business uses a service provider such as CV Insight to carry out pre-employment background checks, CV verification and identity checks you are much less likely to find unsuitable candidates applying for available positions. This ensures you attract only high calibre candidates which will significantly reduce the time and money spent on the recruitment process.

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