Our mission

To deliver outstanding service and solutions in employment screening for businesses. To be respected by our customers for our knowledge and expertise and to consistently strive for excellence within our industry by combining the latest technologies and staff development with a personal service that continues to deliver a proven success.

Candidate Testimonials

Candidate of an International Life Assurance Company

I have been very pleased with every stage of the process, and your helpful attitude especially when I contacted you for progress updates and queries, was much appreciated.

Candidate of a Recruitment Company – March

Thanks so much for your cooperation with everything and all my feedback is purely positive so please forward my biggest thank you and appreciation to your manager.

Candidate of an International Financial Trading Company

I just wanted to highlight that I am very impressed with your work and the way you managed my case. Every time I had a question, you got back to me very quickly and you always kept me updated with the progress.

Candidate of a Major Technology Company

Having been through similar processes in the past I can tell you that I was very happy to work with you.

The process was quick and efficient; I also appreciated you keeping me informed of where you were in the process and if any further details were required to expedite the process.

Thanks for your help.

Candidate of a Major Technology Company

A pleasure working with you.

I can honestly say it has been the smoothest on boarding of any of the organisations I’ve worked with – many thanks for your part in that!

Candidate of a Large Pension Fund Company

It was really great working with you, you were really helpful and you made this screening process a good experience. I want to particularly underline your efforts and your comprehension because my case was not standard since I am a French student with not much experience applying to be an intern.

You made everything possible to gather the maximum of information without being intrusive and I think it is the best compromise for a future employer and a future employee.

I wish you a good continuation and I thank you for your help.

Candidate of a large IT Company

Please can I put on record how impressed I am with the way the screening process has been conducted.

Very thorough, efficient and polite throughout. It has also moved very quickly despite needing input from tricky organisations.

Candidate of a Financial Trading Company

Regarding the feedback, I should admit I was impressed. I heard that such processes end up with lots of questions fired by the screening company. On the contrary, all the mail exchanges I had with you were quite clear, precise and direct, easily answerable and all were in the right level in terms of the number of exchanges we had.

I did not feel my time was hogged, on the contrary I felt it was used well. And I guess most importantly it was very transparent and quick for me – frankly, I forgot that this process was ongoing until you mailed me. This is how good you were.