Credit Checks

Fast accurate and legally compliant employment credit checks designed with a simple candidate experience.

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Our UK and international employment credit checks should form an integral part of your recruitment process, regardless of sector, to reduce potential risks posed to your business by individuals under financial strain. Employment credit check procedures are essential for regulated roles and those roles which involve the handling of money, accounts and sensitive data.

  • our expert knowledge to ensure you are compliant with any industry standards and guidelines
  • advice on best employment credit check methods available internationally
  • an integrated online system providing instant auditable results
  • immediate notification of any inconsistencies within the report
  • a highly trained team to handle all information in a sensitive manner

An employee credit check returns information on the following:

  • current and previous address history, including any linked and undeclared addresses
  • electoral roll data
  • addresses checked against Royal Mail
  • bankruptcies, IVAs, sequestrations and trust deeds (insolvency data)
  • County Court Judgments (CCJs)

If you’re not sure which job credit check or searches you may need, just ask. We’re here to advise you through every step of the process.

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