Safeguarding your business

FAQ – Background Checking?

Why is background checking important?

We are often asked why background screening is important. An effective background screening programme offers many advantages to your company including important savings in terms of time and money. By protecting against an unsafe or inappropriate recruitment decision, you naturally cut the workload of your HR team and reduce the costs associated with hiring the wrong person, which include both financial loss and damage to your reputation.

Outsourcing your pre-employment screening programme to experts also ensures that you have the most reliable results available in the fastest possible time, while also streamlining your internal recruitment processes and freeing up your HR team to concentrate on other essential areas of their work.

Finally, for every company, regardless of its size, background screening has become an important part of best practice. It offers important protection to fellow employees, customers, clients and shareholders and, where appropriate, enables you to comply with certain relevant legislation.

Is background checking a legal requirement?

It is for some industries and job roles. Our team is able to advise you on which checks must be undertaken in order for your company to adhere to legislation and remain compliant. For any employer in the UK, a Right to Work check is mandatory – you must ensure that a new employee is eligible to work in the UK. We can help you with this with our document validation service.

What checks do you perform?

We perform a variety of checks including employment screening, education and qualification checks, credit checks, criminal records checks and much more. We are able to advice on which checks would be most appropriate for your organisation. Please see our full list of services.

We currently perform reference checks in-house through our HR department. Why would we need to use your services?

We are experts in obtaining references. Our experienced team is able to undertake this work on your behalf, requesting references and swiftly following up the request to ensure it is returned in a timely fashion. This offers a huge time saving benefit to your busy HR department who can then devote their time to other business issues rather than the time consuming job of chasing references.

Can I check the progress of a candidate?

Yes. You can track the progress of reports 24/7 using our real time candidate tracker, which provides details of checks being carried out and the present status. Simply log into your account and click on the name of the relevant candidate. Any negative results are always reported directly to you.

Can you check a candidate without their knowledge?

We cannot conduct any checks without first getting the written permission of the candidate in question. If the candidate is not willing to provide consent, we contact you straightaway.

How much does the service cost?

Costs may vary according to the background checks required please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We have no hidden costs, no setup fees and only charge for what we actually check.