Safeguarding your business

Energy & Utilities

With employees in the energy and utilities sectors having access to a wide range of sensitive data, or visiting customers in their own homes, the potential for problems associated with an unsuitable hire is significant. Hiring the wrong person could result in problems such as fraud, theft (either in the workplace or in your customer’s home), breaches of data protection, damage to expensive equipment and various safety issues. In the worst-case scenario, hiring the wrong person could pose a serious risk to other employees or members of the public.

Outsourcing your pre-employment screening to a company experienced in the Energy & Utility sector enables you to protect your company from problems such as these. A professional, pre-employment screening programme also helps to streamline your recruitment processes, reduces risk of damage to your company reputation, supports your duty of care to employees and enables you to comply with regulations.

We offer

  • the peace of mind that comes from knowing our pre-employment screening checks are accurate, fast and comprehensive
  • highly trained staff, experienced in pre-employment screening in the energy sector and the utilities sector, able to advise you on the most relevant background checks for your business
  • a flexible, easy-to-use online system which provides results in real-time
  • a quality service based on our commitment to maintaining the highest standards within our industry

Our background checks cover the full range of screening options, whether your intention is to safeguard your business, implement best practice or comply with industry regulations… or all three.

Services may include

  • identity and document verification check
  • credit check
  • criminal record checks
  • education and professional verification check
  • employment history and reference checks