Safeguarding your business

IT & Telecoms

As the IT & Telecoms industries continue to expand at speed, and with data management forming a key component of these industries, ensuring the quality and integrity of employees is essential. Recruiting an employee with a dubious history leaves your company vulnerable to unwanted or illegal acts such as breaches of data protection, fraud, theft, money laundering, or a range of other misdemeanours which could potentially have a major impact on your business.

This industry employs highly skilled individuals who work on high value, time critical, sensitive projects requiring expert knowledge. It is vital to confirm your candidate has the relevant qualifications and expertise needed to perform these roles to reduce the risk of an inexperienced individual who could potentially make costly mistakes and damage the reputation of your business.

We are experts in pre-employment screening for the IT & Telecoms industry. Our background screening skills allow your company to compete effectively in the knowledge that the history of your candidate has been fully investigated according to your particular requirements.

We offer

  • expert knowledge in providing IT & Telecoms screening solutions
  • flexible screening packages tailored to suit each job role.
  • fast, accurate and timely reports
  • 24/7 global access to our online system for both clients and applicants
  • real-time transparent candidate tracker
  • immediate notification of any inconsistencies within the report
  • a highly trained team to handle all information in a sensitive manner

Pre employment screening in the IT & Telecoms sectors may include

  • identity and document verification check
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Education and Professional Verification Check
  • Employment History and Reference Check