Safeguarding your business

Government & Public Sector

With a range of regulatory requirements to fulfil and often under close media scrutiny, implementing the correct background screening programme in this sector is essential.

Recruiting the wrong member of staff can potentially pose a serious risk to other employees, users of services, contractors, suppliers and members of the public, which in turn can result in adverse media attention that very quickly damages the reputation of both the organisation and any individuals involved.

Our flexible pre employment screening for Government jobs provides tailored screening packages to suit recruitment of new employees at every operative level. Our expert team provides you with informed advice on what is needed, to ensure your organisation has the most comprehensive background screening programme possible and enabling you to demonstrate your due diligence.

We offer

  • experience of working with the government and public sector
  • screening packages that conform to all standards and regulations
  • efficient, accurate timely reports
  • an innovative online system with secure backup
  • full compliance with data protection
  • time and cost savings which free up internal resources
  • the opportunity for you to demonstrate your due diligence
  • safeguarding of your organisation and all those involved with your service
  • confidentiality and data integrity
  • immediate notification of any inconsistencies within the report
  • a highly trained team to handle all information in a sensitive manner

Services may include

  • identity and document verification check
  • credit check
  • education and professional verification check
  • employment history and reference check
  • integrity and regulatory checks
  • criminal record checks