Safeguarding your business

Pre Employment Screening in Retail & Leisure

Within this sector the risk of fraud and theft from employees continues to rise. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt an effective pre-employment screening programme to reduce the risk of recruiting undesirable individuals. Not only will this help you minimise the risk of damage to your reputation or financial loss caused by re-recruitment costs, theft or fraud, but recruiting the right staff can have a hugely positive effect in terms of staff morale, productive teamwork and maintenance or improvement of customer service levels. Pre-employment screening also demonstrates your observation of due diligence and commitment to recruit the best and most suitable member of staff for your retail or leisure business.

We offer

  • a full range of pre-employment screening services to suit the specific needs of the retail and leisure industry including Right to Work checks, credit checks, criminal background checks, employment checks and more
  • a named account manager so you have an immediate point of contact for any queries
  • an online screening system which provides accurate, detailed and timely screening results
  • instant notification of any issues or concerns

Services may include

  • identity and document verification check
  • credit check
  • criminal record checks
  • employment history and reference checks
  • DVLA check