Safeguarding your business

Pre Employment Screening in the Security sector

In this highly regulated sector, where the security and safety of people, goods and/or property is paramount, it is essential that you recruit the best, most trustworthy members of staff. The most reliable way to do this is through a comprehensive pre-employment screening package that also enables you to meet your regulatory requirements.

A good background screening programme provides reassurance that you have done everything possible to protect your business and your reputation.

We offer

  • comprehensive pre-employment screening, specific to the security sector, which fully complies with standards set down in BS7858 for Security Screening of Individuals Employed in a Security Environment
  • advice regarding any changes or amendments to regulations
  • secure data storage – we comply fully with the Data Protection Act
  • an efficient and effective service, based on the needs of the security sector and designed to meet your exacting requirements
  • a service which combines the latest technology with the very best in customer service for an unrivalled screening experience
  • fast, accurate results with immediate notification of any areas of concern
  • our range of internal quality control measures which ensure the service we provide is subject to a continuous process of improvement

Services may include

  • identity and document verification check
  • credit check
  • education and professional verification check
  • employment history and reference checks
  • integrity and regulatory checks
  • criminal record checks

For more information or to discuss your needs for pre employment screening in the security sector, please contact us