Be squeaky clean and screen

Surveys suggest that up to a quarter of jobseekers stretch the truth when it comes to forwarding their CV to prospective employers. Employers face deception in areas such as the level of qualifications held, awards gained, date ranges of employment to hide gaps, the level of expertise in a certain area – and even the concealment of a criminal record.

With increased competition in the job market, it is a sad fact that more and more candidates are resorting to dishonesty in an attempt to get the job they desire. As a result, employment history checks have become critical in determining whether a candidate possesses the relevant skills, necessary experience and appropriate background to work for you.

Recently in the news, convicted British fraudster Mike Kenny, was sacked as a sales director for a US company after his bosses discovered the invention of a major contract with global sportswear company Nike. Kenny had also claimed to have won a prestigious award, however, his employers discovered that the firm and the honour were in fact fictitious. A difficult situation indeed.

Pre- employment screening really is an invaluable part of the recruitment process, demonstrating an employer’s due diligence and reducing the risk of damage to a business or reputation caused by the recruitment of an unsuitable employee.

With so much at stake, it certainly pays for employers to check that candidates are being honest – for the good of your business, your employees and your clients or customers.

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