Packages: financial probity and regulatory checks

In certain regulated industries, being fully compliant with relevant legislation is essential. As a reputable employer, carrying out financial background checks on your employees also proves your commitment to due diligence and helps you build the best, most skillful team of staff for your business.

We offer expert advice on the relevant employment law and legislation that applies to your industry and our screening packages are specifically designed to ensure you are compliant with these standards.

Screening for FCA and regulated roles

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires that companies in this sector adhere to a strict code of recruitment procedure and practice, to make sure that the candidate is ‘fit and proper’, by the FCA standards, to perform the role that they are being recruited for.

Our flexible screening solutions ensure your packages can be tailored according to seniority, in order to meet the specific needs of each position and in line with FCA compliance requirements for both regulated and non-regulated roles.

This provides you with a comprehensive service which ensures you remain compliant with regulations and mitigates risk to your business.

Our background screening checks for FCA regulated roles include:

  • identity verification check
  • Right to Work check
  • credit check
  • UK sanctions/anti-money laundering check
  • 5/10 year employment history reference check and gap analysis
  • FCA register check
  • directorship check
  • highest education check
  • professional membership/qualification check
  • international adverse media check
  • criminal records check (Standard Disclosure for FCA regulated positions)


Introduced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the screening standard BS7858:2012 is a set of mandatory background checks designed to ensure the quality and integrity of candidates who work in positions of responsibility and trust within the security industry. BS7858:2012 is also recognised and adhered to by other industries, both for the purpose of meeting standards of good practice as well as to maximise the protection that background checks offer.

We can perform the background checks which enable you to meet with the standards set by BS7858:2012, ensuring your company remains compliant and up-to-date with any changes.
Our background screening checks for BS7858:2012 regulated roles include:

  • identity verification check
  • Right to Work check
  • credit check
  • 5 year employment history including verification of gaps over 30 days
  • personal references
  • criminal record check( basic disclosure check)

HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

The BPSS was established by the UK government as an essential standard for pre-employment screening within the government and defence industry for all civil servants, members of the armed forces, temporary staff and government contractors. It aims to reduce the risks associated with identity fraud, illegal working and criminal activity and is an essential element in terms of protecting national security.

BPSS must be applied to any individual who has access to government assets.

Our background screening checks for BPSS regulated roles include:

  • identity verification check
  • Right to Work check
  • three year employment history check including gap analysis
  • criminal record check( basic disclosure check)

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

PCI DSS is in place to ensure the security of cardholder information. Any organisation which holds, processes and handles or exchanges cardholder information must comply with the standards set out in PCI DSS.

It is expected that a company would have a policy and process in place for employee background screening checks, to reduce the risk of fraud from internal sources.

Our background screening checks for PCI DSS include:

  • identity verification check
  • credit check
  • employment referencing (3 years employment history or last 2 employers)
  • basic disclosure check (basic criminal check)

The level of background checking should be appropriate for the particular position. For example, positions requiring greater responsibility or that have administrative access to critical data or systems may warrant more detailed background checks. We provide tailored packages to suit all specific job functions.