Reference Checks

Protect your business by hiring the right people. Fast, accurate, thorough reference checks performed by our expert screening team.

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We will work in partnership with you to compliment your on-boarding process, creating efficiency and freeing up internal resources to assist you to make an informed recruitment decision.

Our highly trained team of reference checker experts have a wealth of experience in obtaining written references and of conducting in-depth verbal reference interviews to provide a broader overview of your candidate’s dependability, performance, integrity, character, and work ethic.

Our reference checker provides:

  • human resources and line manager references
  • industry compliant references
  • professional and character references
  • online system providing fast, accurate results
  • a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the process
  • a positive, friendly and efficient candidate experience
  • UK and International company database to expedite results
  • highly trained, multi-lingual, customer-focused team
  • immediate notification of any inconsistencies or issues of concern

The CV Insight report will provide:

  • unbiased accurate results direct from source
  • dates of employment, position held, reason for leaving
  • cross comparison of candidate information with reference details obtained
  • validation of company name and address through public and private data records
  • investigation of self-employment, agency or contracting roles
  • investigation of employment with companies no longer trading

You may also like to consider our educational and professional verification checks which work in tandem with our employment history checks.