Pre-employment screening: candidate experience

Pre-employment screening enables employers to obtain background information on a candidate in areas such as identity, Right to Work, employment history and criminal background. The benefit to you, as a candidate, is that you know the job you are applying for is with an organisation that cares about safeguarding its workplace and employees.

CV Insight is committed to providing excellent customer service. We treat all candidates with respect and sensitivity and place great emphasis on providing support throughout the screening process. The result is a smooth, efficient and pleasant screening experience for all candidates.

CV Insight’s pre-employment screening provides candidates with:

  • a positive, friendly, efficient experience
  • an easy-to-use web-based system that enables you to enter your details quickly and accurately
  • the support of trained staff to guide you through the screening process and answer your queries
  • confidence that we comply with all standards and regulations, including data protection