BPSS Checks (Baseline Personnel Security Standard)

Fast Accurate and legally compliant BPSS Checks (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) designed with a simple candidate experience.

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The BPSS was established by the UK Government as an essential standard for Pre-employment screening within the government and defence industry for all civil servants, members of the armed forces, temporary staff and government contractors. It aims to reduce the risks associated with Identity fraud, illegal working and criminal activity and is an essential element in terms of protecting national security.

Carrying out BPSS is a legal requirement for workers who might have access to sensitive information and is a part of the UK security clearance vetting.

Our background screening checks for BPSS roles include:

  • Identity verification check
  • Document Validation (Right to work)
  • Three-year employment history check including gap analysis
  • Criminal record check (Basic DBS)

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