Identity Verification Checks

Fast accurate and legally compliant identity verification checks designed with a simple candidate experience.

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With identity fraud now accounting for 50% of all fraud committed in the UK, verifying the identity of applicants is an essential part of your employment screening process to ensure that the person you are recruiting is who they say they are.

Our advanced online system provides instant results that flag up any inconsistencies or issues of concern, helping you to prevent fraud, unnecessary operational costs and meet legal obligations.

Right to Work

Before employing any member of staff, it is your legal responsibility as an employer to check that he or she has a right to work in the UK which means undertaking a process of identity verification.

Manual document checks are no longer enough to detect today’s sophisticated forgeries and the cost of verifying the identity documents is minimal in comparison to the fines incurred for employing an illegal worker.

We can supplement your own internal process by verifying a range of documents including passport and visa in order to confirm identity and Right to Work.

Our service enhances your internal process because:

  • we are experts in the field of identity verification
  • we meet best practices in helping you remain compliant
  • our advanced online system provides instant auditable results
  • we are immediately able to flag any inconsistencies or issues of concern
  • authenticity of official documents is confirmed using MRZ validation and visual analysis

In the absence of algorithm codes, we can cross-check document reference numbers against visual information.

In addition to the above, further checks are available as an extra security measure including checks against credit card details, bank accounts, drivers licence details and utility bills.

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