Social Media Checks

Fast accurate and legally compliant Social Media checks designed with a simple candidate experience.

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These services can protect your company’s reputation by providing insight into a candidate’s background and identifying any information that may be a cause for concern or a conflict of interest for your company.

Social Media checks are considered particularly important for regulated industries, for any company who conducts work of a sensitive nature where the job role may involve access to sensitive information or for a job role which is considered high profile for example a senior position within a company.

These checks should only be run as part of your pre-employment screening for candidates that have been offered employment with your company and not for assessing candidates in the recruitment process

We offer three levels of checks:

  • Adverse international media check: an extensive search of thousands of global media sources, executive and company information databases and archives to ensure that your candidate does not have an adverse media history.
  • Social Media Check: This check retrieves publicly available information on social media sites to provide insight into a candidates’s background and character.
  • Investigative Online Due Diligence Check: This check includes social media searches as outlined above plus websites, blogs and deep web searches. This check is typically carried out for more sensitive high-risk roles as well as Senior management, Board members.

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