Are social media checks the ‘new normal’

Social Media Checks

Are social media checks the new normal?

There has been more digital evolution in the last 2 months than occurred in the last 2 years. Have you stopped to think how technology can be applied to the most human of interactions – the interview and hiring process?

As virtual interviews are now part of the ‘new normal’, we are having to rely on a much narrower ‘view’ of the candidate to make key hiring decisions. In the absence of face to face feedback we need to assess a candidate in different ways to ensure we make the best decision.

This brings with it challenges in the hiring process, so can technology help bridge the gap?

One way to better understand a candidate’s character and behaviour is to look at their social media activity. Are they angry or caring online? Are they engaged in charitable work that shows grit and commitment to a cause? Are there any discrepancies between their online behaviour and what you see face to face?

If you decide to use social media checks, be aware there are risks in looking at the data without some rules in place first. Using a third party to conduct thorough global checks ensures you don’t let unconscious bias creep in and leave you open to accusations of bias.

It can also be a minefield when there are thousands of posts to review across a whole host of social media profiles. This is where technology helps, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) creating efficiencies and removing the margin for human error. Human QA of the results can then remove the margin for error in an AI only approach, resulting in a high-quality report.

When social media checks become a core step in your hiring process, you will see the full value of an approach designed for the digital era.

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