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CV Insight Social Media Report

24th October 2023
Clare Elsworth By Clare Elsworth

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The lines between our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly blurred in the digital age. As a result, employers are finding it essential to look beyond traditional employment screening methods to gain a more comprehensive understanding of potential candidates. One of the most profound changes in this arena has been incorporating social media checks in employment screening processes.

Employers should utilise social media checks to gain deeper insights into potential hires. Social media can glimpse a candidate’s character, interests, and behaviours outside the formal interview process. This information can help assess cultural fit and identify potential red flags affecting workplace dynamics. However, employers must use this tool judiciously, respecting privacy and legal boundaries while maintaining consistency to prevent bias in their hiring decisions.

Below is an overview of what CV Insight uncovered in the last month through our social media checks:

What we found in September 2023

How can CV Insight help?

CV Insight offers comprehensive solutions for managing employment screening needs, including Social Media, Adverse Media and more advanced Investigative Online Due Diligence Checks

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About The Author

Clare Elsworth

Clare Elsworth

Clare joined the CV Insight team in 2020 following a successful Client Relationship Management and Business Development career for a leading digital services organisation. With over 20 years of experience in customer relations, Clare shares our passion and dedication to delivering a high-quality, personalised service and strives to build successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Alongside working closely with existing clients, Clare thoroughly enjoys a challenge and works hard to identify and build upon opportunities to drive business growth within our organisation.

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