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Should I Google it?

What do most of us do when we want to search for something? We Google it. (Other search engines are of course available!) In today’s internet age, it is so easy to find what we want or need online – and an internet search is often the first port of call when we are looking […]

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Spotlight on…Michelle Gauci

This month, we shine a light on our Managing Director Michelle Gauci to find out how she got into the CV screening industry and understand Michelle’s view on what’s key to a successful screening partnership is. I first saw the value of screening from my years in business. I worked for a number of years […]

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Top of the (screening) pops

Who remembers Top of the Pops? This popular show has been off our screens for ten years next year but that theme tune and music played during the chart rundown each week is the soundtrack of many a childhood. The top ten chart run down was always the most popular part of the show – […]

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A positive reputation…priceless

Business reputation is precious. It can take years to develop and build but just minutes to fall away. Something so important needs to be protected – and that’s exactly what pre-employment screening from CV Insight can provide – helping you to not only maintain but even enhance your business reputation. For both recruiters and applicants, […]

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Be squeaky clean and screen

Surveys suggest that up to a quarter of jobseekers stretch the truth when it comes to forwarding their CV to prospective employers. Employers face deception in areas such as the level of qualifications held, awards gained, date ranges of employment to hide gaps, the level of expertise in a certain area – and even the […]

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