Pre-Employment Screening Checks – Online Reputation and Integrity

Pre-Employment Screening Checks

Due to the current COVID-19 – Coronavirus Government restrictions of movement and working remotely we understand it may be difficult to perform all your normal pre-employment Screening checks for your new starters.

Whilst traditional methods of verifying Employment references and Highest Education are continuing with some degree of delay due to some companies being closed or on reduced staff. We at CV insight have been thinking about how to compliment and simplify your pre-employment screening checks during these unprecedented times.

We have detailed below our new Online reputation and integrity checks. This is a fantastic set of checks that can be completed within 5 working days as part of our focus on fast, digital delivery without you needing to see your employees in person. These checks focus on finding information relating to your employee’s Criminal records and right to work whilst also checking previous work history and Education using open source available data in instances where companies are not available to confirm references.

CVI Example Online Reputation and integrity Checks

  • Electronic Candidate Consent
  • Enhanced Identity Document Validation + face verification
  • Social Media Check
  • Global Education credentials verified where possible against open sources
  • Global Employment History verified where possible against open sources identified
  • Global Adverse Media Check
  • Multiple Aliases identified
  • Basic DBS Criminal Disclosure
  • If you would like further information on any of the above checks then please:

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